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5 Reasons you should keep your kitchen clean 

Cleaning your kitchen can feel like a tedious never-ending job. It is however really important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Even if you aren’t thinking about the revolting part of it, think about your safety. Cleaning your kitchen is important to keep the food you prepare safe from bacteria that can manifest in a dirty kitchen. Here are 5 reasons you should keep your kitchen clean. more…

Top 5 cleaning supplies to have in your house


When you are trying to get rid of germs, bleach does a fantastic job. It helps remove tough stains and whiten a surface. This isn’t really to clean the surface but when used with your regular cleaning products or just with some water, this will help remove mould, grime, and grout that can build up in your showers or in between the tiles.  more…

Why use Nu-Chem for your cleaning products

Nu-Chem is an organisation that provides the highest calibre of cleaning products which can be utilised in various industries and contexts.

Our products include Dash Shine, Air Freshener Alphie, Weed Killers, Tile Cleaners, Q.A.C Disinfectants, Degreaser Red/Yellow as well as Mop Buckets and Janitorial Trolley’s. more…

Why would you use an Acidic Cleaner?

Nu-Chem is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality household, industrial, car wash chemicals and consumables. Our market share predominantly reaches the Engineering, Food and Beverage as well as Automotive industries. more…

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